END gender based violence NOW!

16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

25 November – 10 December

As a youth movement that promotes peace and equality, we ask our members to raise your voices and call for an end to all forms of violence against girls and women.

​Between 25 November and 10 December, in support of our country’s ’16 Days of Activism’ campaign, let’s flood our social media, our WhatsApp and our communities with orange. Wear orange clothing, scarves, shoes, accessories, anything orange to make your voice heard both during and outside of your Scouting activities. Post and share your photos with the hashtags #orangetheworld #16days #NOisNO and #SDG5

Tag @SAScout or WhatsApp (068 0699 463) with your orange Scouting photos or initiatives so we can share some of those too.

Let’s lead by example and take a stand.

Gary Pienaar
Chief Commissioner

#orangetheworld #16days #NOisNO and #SDG5 #scoutssouthafrica

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